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Momentum Business Improvement

Our Vision

To be the best Business Coaching Firm in Australia.

Our Promise To You

We believe that being in business should give you a great lifestyle.
Our promise is to help you earn more and work less.
We focus on getting you results fast.

Harry and David

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help business owners escape the daily grind and get a life out of their business.

Our Values

Be the Best Me I Can Be.
Climb The Mountain.
Show we Care.
Have Fun in All We Do.

Harry and David







Our Experience In Producing Results

We’ve been helping Business Owners and managers since May 2001.

Since 2001 we’ve worked with literally hundreds of local business people from industries as diverse as law firms and accounting firms, to steel fabricators, consultants, commercial farmers, food service companies, service stations, recruitment companies air conditioning companies, pubs and building firms, just to name a few.

We’ve also presented seminars and workshops to thousands of business people right here in the Hunter as well as presenting and training internationally in the US, New Zealand, Europe Indonesia and Fiji.


Harry Raftos

Partner of The Firm
Harry grew up in a small business family and knows what it’s like to feel trapped by your business. He holds a degree in psychology and had a corporate career working in Sales and Marketing for a multinational. He became a Business Coach in 2001 because, being a husband and father, he is passionate about helping Business Owners get a great lifestyle from their business.

David Crook

Partner of The Firm
David started out in small business as a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic and went from sweeping the workshop floor to Supervising Mechanics and onto Sales Management. David was in Sales and Marketing for 15 years, working with a multinational manufacturer. David is a husband and father of two boys and is passionate about helping business owners achieve the dream they had when they first started their business.

Escape The Daily Grind: Check Out Our Programs

We like nothing better than helping you find out exactly where you want to go, building a simple one-page plan to help you get there and then guiding you to actually implement the plan and get the results you deserve.

We can help you to…

Become a Better Time Manager

We’ll guide you through how to get crystal clear on your objectives, conquer procrastination, eliminate time wasters, handle interruptions, say “no” to unreasonable demands and ensure there is time in the day for you. We’ll teach you our simple “Ideal Week” diary system that will help you take back control of your life.

Improve Your Sales Systems

We can help you understand and break through the number 1 roadblock that holds people back in sales. We’ll teach you our simple “Sales Cycle” Model that helps you structure your sales process to achieve almost effortless results.

Become A Leader Your People Want To Follow

If you’ve ever said…“I just can’t get my people to do what I want them to do”…we can help you. We’ll give you simple, effective, grassroots strategies to help you become a more effective Leader. We’ll teach you our simple “Grab the Keys” model for how to become a better leader. Applying this model will help you:

  • Lead your Team more effectively
  • Instill a sense of Team in your staff
  • Keep your people focused on the Vision and Goals of your business
Momentum Formula

Our Uniqueness?

We understand that running a business, particularly a small to medium size one can be a lonely road.  Unlike huge corporations which have lots of “department heads,” you may be in a position where the buck always stops with you, no matter how trivial the problem or challenge is.

We understand how tough it can be to be in business...

Let Us Bring Our Uniqueness to You

We Fix Business Owners’ Headaches

What distinguishes us from most other consulting firms is that we focus on getting you results fast. We’re not about complicated management theories or building convoluted business plans.

Quite frankly, we like nothing better than helping you find out exactly where you want to go, building a simple one-page plan to help you get there and then guiding you to actually implement the plan and get the results you deserve.

Sick of Business Headaches?

What Our Clients Have To Say

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“Momentum’s One-on-one Program allows the collective experience to be applied to your business by making you more accountable to your own vision and goals. The journey of discovery is amazing and the best business investment to date.”

- Brad Higgins

Great Aussie Bush Camp
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“Harry and David are our mentors, tutors, planning facilitators and at times ‘unreasonable friends’ as they keep us focused and working towards our goals.  They are a vital part of our business development.”

- John Laws

Castle Railings and Gates
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"Momentum’s One-on-One Program is important because:
It gives you enthusiasm, gives you great goals, helps you make your business work and grow. They are great blokes - good looking too!"
**Heather was not paid to say this lol

- Heather Cotrell


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