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You are working harder and harder doing hours and hours and not enjoying your business. You feel like once you get past a point in your business you will have the lifestyle you want. As you think that is about to happen, it all restarts and you have to grind away again.


You need to bring in more leads to make more sales so you can increase your revenue. Even once you do this your bottom line is still low and you realise with more sales gives you higher expenses. It feels like you have to keep pushing forward to make more money, but that isn't working.


Each and every day you say you need more time. You have been told to hire someone to do it but you tell yourself "they won't do it as well as I will" or "by the time I have taught someone I could have done it myself". So nothing changes and you have no time for the work you need to finish or more importantly your family or personal time.


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“Momentum’s One-on-one Program allows the collective experience to be applied to your business by making you more accountable to your own vision and goals.
The journey of discovery is amazing and the best business investment to date.”

- Brad Higgins

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“Harry and David are our mentors, tutors, planning facilitators and at times ‘unreasonable friends’ as they keep us focused and working towards our goals.  They are a vital part of our business development.”

- John Laws

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"Momentum’s One-on-One Program is important because:
It gives you enthusiasm, Gives you great goals, Helps you make your business work and grow, They are great blokes- good looking too!"
**Heather was not paid to say this lol

- Heather Cotrell

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“David and Harry have helped us identify issues within our business to improve and work towards achieving better results and profitability.”

- Jason Cox

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We’ve been helping Business Owners and managers since May 2001.

Since 2001 we’ve worked with literally hundreds of local business people from industries as diverse as law firms and accounting firms, to steel fabricators, consultants, commercial farmers, food service companies, service stations, recruitment companies air conditioning companies, pubs and building firms, just to name a few.

We’ve also presented seminars and workshops to thousands of business people right here in the Hunter as well as presenting and training internationally in the US, New Zealand, Europe Indonesia and Fiji.


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How To Build Your Dream Business - The Step By Step Process

At this workshop we’ll guide you through a simple, step by step system that will show you how you can fix your business, and get back to the Dream Business you had first imagined.

When you think of working ON your business, where do you think of starting?

Often people just don’t know.

They don’t know where their energy needs to be focussed, so they run around in circles putting out fires. Or worse still, they procrastinate and don’t start at all.

If this feels like or sounds like you, this workshop will help you.

What You'll Walk Away With...

  • A new understanding of how to simplify your business
  • Knowledge on how to actually work on your business
  • Where to start first, to truly fix your business
  • Why some businesses seem to work smoothly and effortlessly while others are a struggle
  • How to increase your turnover by 28% and your profits by won’t believe how simple this actually is

After this one session, you’ll learn how to start getting out of the Grind by working on your business in a systematic way.

Tickets are FREE but strictly limited, so to avoid missing out on your place, book now.

Newcastle Friday Morning

Date: Thursday 24th of May 2019
Time: Register at 8:00am to start at 8:30am - 10:30am 
Location: NEX 309 King Street, Newcastle, NSW 2300