8am The First Friday Of Each Month, Enjoy Valuable Business Presentations From World Class Business Experts!

We know you’re busy. You probably don’t have time to do multi-day seminars or conventions. But we bet you appreciate the huge value of learning new ways to improve your profits and ways to implement “systems” that make life easier for you.

At our First Friday Club breakfasts, you’ll be mixing with like-minded business owners and managers who are at the event for the same reason – they want to build their business to the next level by “thinking smarter” instead of working harder.

So if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to find a way to put your business on “auto-pilot” and let it work for you (instead of the other way around!), make sure you mark the first Friday of each month in your calendar right now!

Momentum Business Improvement Specialists invites you to enjoy these valuable presentations on how to make more money from your business.

Each “presentation” happens over croissants, muffins and coffee or tea between 8am & 9.30am.
This means that you can be back at your business by 10am.

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Is It A Networking Function? No!

Don’t be concerned – this is not one of those “typical networking events,” where there’s little substance and lots of fluff, where everyone simply has a coffee and swaps business cards.

This function is the “UN” of networking. In fact, Momentum is the “UN” of business consulting – and you’ll get a taste for that at our “First Friday Club” breakkies.

These Friday morning events are very different.

They’re all about you benefiting from valuable grassroots information, tips and ideas on how to run your business better for more profit and more enjoyment.

The stuff you’ll learn on a Friday morning you can apply immediately in your business.

Indeed, our aim is that during each workshop, you’ll go back to your business with at least 3 actionable to-dos.

I'm Too Busy To Spare The Time, Well You NEED To Attend This Event

Let’s face it, if you think you can’t spare a couple of hours once a month to learn exciting new ways of improving your business, then you certainly do have problems.

If you’re a business owner who wants to be more entrepreneurial and also enjoy more time to do the things you love (ie: Spend time with the family, Play sport, Keep healthy), then these events could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Remember, they’re not “networking breakfasts.”

Whilst of course you will be mixing with like-minded business owners, the whole idea of these events is for Momentum Business Improvement Specialists to provide you with valuable recommendations of how to make more money and enjoy a better lifestyle.

In other words, the brekkies are all about you soaking up invaluable business tips, not swapping business cards with the other people at your table.

By all means swap business cards, that’s fine.

But that should be simply a by-product of being around other business owners.

The real game plan is to walk away with actionable “to-dos” for your business.

And with tickets just $47 each, it’s an absolute steal in terms of value.

Kick-off the first Friday of every month with an adrenaline hit for your business

Limited Seats are available, so Register Now!

Enjoy A Light Brekkie & A Great Start To The Month!


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